Our interventions are planned according to the type of service subscription stipulated, which defines their priority. Reservations are always required for an adequate service and correct planning.
Interventions not booked in advance may not be possible due to lack of availability of our technicians and will be queued to the others.
Support after standard working hours is always considered extraordinary support to which double the rate than indicated is applied.

Our rates (VAT included) valid from 1st April 2015:

Service Description Fixed cost Hourly cost
Development Software, firmware and hardware development (electronics and electrical engineering) ask for a quote ask for a quote
Assistance / repair Assistance, repair or advice in our laboratory, material excluded CHF 70.00 the first half hour CHF 140.00
Remote Support Assistance via remote access to your system the first 5 minutes are free CHF 140.00
Specialist intervention Intervention by an engineer at your home, material and travel expenses excluded CHF 90.00 the first half hour CHF 180.00
Standard intervention Intervention of an AFC or SAMT technician at your home, material and travel excluded CHF 70.00 the first half hour CHF 140.00
Transfer Travel within Switzerland, during business hours CHF 15.00 as basis CHF 1.00/km
Price quotation Estimate at our laboratory CHF 100.00
Price quotation Estimate with inspection at your premises, travel excluded CHF 140.00
Services on request We are happy to propose customized solutions ad hoc ad hoc


Fixed costs for assistance and repairs are to be calculated as follows: if the working time is less than half an hour, the basic rate is set at half an hour. Thereafter, the rate is proportional to the time taken.
We offer assistance contracts specific to your needs, evaluated on the basis of the required performance.